"Runaway Devil is not only one of the most chilling and hair-raising books about real-life murder, but an utterly captivating read that convinces the reader of the tragic fact that JR never was an innocent girl, brainwashed and victimized by a Svengali-like figure, but instead the mastermind behind a horrific crime that would make her the youngest multiple killer in Canadian history."  - Camille Tuutti-Winkler, Examiner.com, Washington D.C.

"The exploration of JR's possible motives, the druggy goth subculture she was a part of, her Wicca leanings, and the relationship between the troubled lovers makes for a riveting, grisly, and hard-to-forget story." — Tower Books

Elegantly crafted and written, Runaway Devil is a fine attempt to explain the inexplicable.”  – Elliott Leyton, serial homicide expert and author of "Hunting Humans" and "Sole Survivor: Children Who Murder Their Families"

“An authoritative account of the murders that rocked this city . . . The two killers will never be able to hide from the tale told in this book. - Medicine Hat News

 "Hair-raising and downright chilling . . . Remington and Zickefoose did their homework. The subject matter will stick with you for a long time."  - Alisha Sims, Lethbridge Herald

"A meticulously researched look at what led to the crime while refusing to offer easy answers. Sad, far-reaching and well-written, Runaway Devil goes beyond the murders and delves into a youth subculture of drugs and hopelessness that will be impossible to forget." - Calgary Herald

"An important book . . . I couldn't put it down." - Marci Ien, CTV Canada AM

"The authors have done a masterful job of crafting a story like a crime novel and combining their long-established skills as senior journalists with a writing flair that proves reality can be just as chilling and compelling as any fictional yarn. . . . The book's account of he stabbing deaths, reconstructed from statements and forensic evidence, is chilling. Zickefoose and Remington skillfully weave in psychiatric analyses and avoid such traps as issuing blanket condemnations of rebellious youth."  - Bob Blakey, Fast Forward Weekly

"Expert journalistic handling of the material  . . . Runaway Devil will have you checking the contents of your daughters’ iPod and watching how much time she spends on social networking." - January Magazine

“A great ‘read’ . . . powerful, scary, maddening, but you can’t put it down.” - Gord Gillies, Global TV Calgary

"A cautionary tale . . . wisely, the authors do not try to explain the undoubtedly complex reasons for the killing."  - James Dubro, The National Post

Well written, excellent, highly recommended.” -  Reg Hampton, CTV News.

Having spent 20+ years covering and presenting news there is little in the realm of 'true stories' that can capture my attention. Runaway Devil is the exception. The authors provide a well-tempered even-handed presentation that lets the details speak rather than the easy out of opinion. You need to read this book, it's truth is riveting, sobering and thought provoking.
- Gary Freeman AM 770 Calgary

"Those who want a solid, sensationalist crime account that gets into the heads of its subjects should find this a page-turning thrill." - Publisher's Weekly

“A finely constructed narrative of a horrific crime that shocked a nation . . . never again will I see youths hanging around a mall with nothing to do and not think about JR and Jeremy.”
– Nick Pron, author of "Lethal Marriage: The Unspeakable Crimes of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka"

"This book does a better job than many in the genre."  - Duncan McMonagle, Winnipeg Free Press

It may be that there is no answer to why J.R. felt free to dispense with those who had only ever loved and cared for her . - Christie Blatchford, The Globe and Mail

"You must buy this book . . . and talk to your kids." - Lesley Primeau, CHED Radio

"The authors almost seamlessly sew together information from court proceedings, interviews and research to recreate this gripping tale. I also commend Zickefoose and Remington on humanizing the victims, about whom very little had been previously written." - Nicole Riva, Peterborough Examiner

"Runaway Devil is chilling. This story will still send an icy zap through any parent who has watched daddy's little girl become daddy's little goth." - Edmonton Examiner