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"It's pretty scary knowing all of these events are true. Reading it makes me think I'm just reading a typical fiction crime book but it freaks me out that it's real. It's quite fascinating and interesting how all of these events occurred in a step-by-step process. The way they thought and executed their crime was quite impulsive, yet they rationalized their own actions at the time. I think this book tells the truth to the story and people should know what really happened. A very good inspirational book to young people who may have similar problems. Recommended.
- Maria Yeung, Calgary

"The book is a page turner and includes a lot of details that I don't remember ever reading in the news. It really gets inside the minds of these kids. I'm a big true crime fan and there aren't many stories like this: goths, a 12-year-old girl dating a 23-year-old guy, small-town boredom, teenage rage, death metal music, the influence of the Internet. I couldn't put it down.
- Kathy Parks,

"I read Runaway Devil over the weekend and wanted to commend you both for making it such an even handed and balanced account. In the Hat we were all touched in one way or another by this horrific event and, although it was painful to read about it again, your book was a way of trying to understand how this could have happened and the follow up.
- Hilary Munro, Medicine Hat

"A polished work that flows from beginning to end."
- Courtdoc, Calgary  

"All parents should read this book."
-  Amazon reader Sherry